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Under 18: Jenny - sex hentai game

Under 18: Jenny

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"Under 18: Jenny" is an adult game. Its rules are very simple. Both players draw cards of various values, trying to get as close to 18 as possible. However, if a player gets over 18, he looses his entire bet.

You have talked a girl into playing a naughty game with you. You can use your winnings to buy individual garments she wears until she is completely naked. However, Jenny does not like to admit that she has lost and that is why she is prepared to go even further. It's win-or-loose because the stakes are sky high. Jenny is 21 years old girl.

This is the first luxurious erotic game from the world of Sinful Mood. Our objective is to produce stylish erotic games arousing the right excitement, provocative games that won't leave you cold. If this game is successful, we will take it as a sign that we should continue our efforts, creating more games with shy young girls capable of turning your red hot.

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